Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that is not produced by the body. It’s required for the healthy functioning of the body and assists in many ways, such as;

  • boosting the immune system to help fight off nasty colds and flus
  • assists the absorption of dietary iron
  • helps heal wounds & prevents infection

The average adult suffers 2-4 colds per year and the average child suffers 5-101, vitamin C is the numberone ingredient used for prevention and treatment2.

Vitamin C can be found in a myriad of foods, including citrus fruits (oranges, lemons & limes), strawberries, kiwifruits, kale, capsicum & broccoli. When dietary intake is inadequate, taking a vitamin C supplement canensure adequate levels.

Vitamin C

The Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI) for vitamin C is the same for men & women throughout life, as per the below table3.

0-6 mths 25 mg
7-12 mths 30 mg
1-3 yr 35 mg
4-8 yr 35 mg
9-13 yr 40 mg
14-18 yr 40 mg
19-70 yr 45 mg
>70 yr 45 mg


2 Thrive consumer insights, June 2017