Our high strength OMEGA range contains sustainably sourced, odourless Omega-3. The cold-pressed fish oils go through advanced manufacturing techniques such as molecular distillation (which is a highly specialised purification and concentration method that removes heavy metals and other toxins) to ensure purity and EPA/DHA stability. 80% of Australians do not meet the recommended intake of Omega-31, so our OMEGA range is available in convenient capsule and great tasting liquid formats. Each capsule/mL contains a concentrated dose of bioavailable Omega-3 that delivers temporary symptom relief from mild arthritis. 

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 Australians are not Meeting the Recommended Intakes for Omega-3 Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: Results of an Analysis from the 2011-2012 National Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey, Meyer, March 2016.


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