Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, helps the body in a number of ways. The main benefits of vitamin D include;

  • assisting the formation & maintenance of healthy bones, through enhanced calcium absorption
  • supporting the development & maintenance of healthy muscles
  • ensuring the healthy functioning of the immune system

Almost one in four Australians are vitamin D deficient, with even higher instances in the southern states of Australia1.

It is difficult to obtain adequate vitamin D through dietary means, though fatty fish (salmon & tuna), cheese & mushrooms are rich in the vitamin. Some milks are fortified with vitamin D, which can assist with boosting your intake. The bestway to obtain vitamin D is through moderate sun exposure.

Vitamin D

The Adequate Intake (AI) for vitamin D is the same for both men & women, and requirements increase over the age of 50. Please see the recommended AI for vitamin D below2. As sources of vitamin D are limited,supplementation is a great way to ensure you’re meeting the nutritional requirements.

0-6 mths 5.0 µg
7-12 mths 5.0 µg
1-50 yr 5.0 µg
51-70 yr 10.0 µg
>70 yr 15.0 µg

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